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Apex Ergonomics certified professionals can work to effectively assess work areas, identify potential areas of concern, and make recommendations to reduce injury risk, while working to improve quality, improve productivity, and reduce workers' compensation costs.  Our professionals use objective, scientific analysis methodologies to thoroughly assess work tasks in any environment.  

We have unique expertise in non-standard work environments such as heavy manufacturing, landscaping, power production, and hospitality.  In addition, our staff is specially trained in engineering and manufacturing methods so the recommendations you receive are practical and cost effective.

We specialize in reactive (after an injury has occurred), pro-active (before an injury occurs), and ADA compliance evaluations in manufacturing and office environments. In addition to our ergonomic evaluations of individual workstations, we also provide process improvement services such as LEAN and Six-Sigma.

Ergonomic Program Support:
· Establish Written Ergonomics Program
· Conduct Management and Employee Training
· Hazard Identification and Control Methodologies
· Medical Management (Injury tracking, trending, analysis)
· Program Gap Analysis
· Corrective Action Plan Development

Evaluations are a critical aspect of an effective ergonomics effort.  Evaluations often include an assessment of the current environment, recommendations related to which improvements can be made, and an assessment to ensure the initial risks or concerns have been reduced, eliminated, or corrected.  

Evaluations Performed:  
· Injury Investigations  
· Job Rotation Schemes
· Material Handling Evaluations
· Hand Tool Evaluations
· Work Flow Assessments
· Return to Work Accommodations
· Disability Accommodations
· Work Area / Task Assessments

· Workplace Evaluations 

Training is one of the key elements in a successful business. Our training methods have been effectively used for thousands of employees. To maximize long term employee benefit, we foster an atmosphere of positive learning, real life examples, and interaction.

Ergonomics Courses Offered:
· Management Ergonomics training
· Supervisor Ergonomics training
· Employee Ergonomics training
· Employee Materials Handling Training
· Hands-On Ergonomic Impact Training
· Ergonomics Training for Engineers and Designers
· Ergonomics Assessment Team Training
· Industry Specific Training
   · Nursing Home
   · Grocery
   · Meat Packing

Injury Records Review
Apex Ergonomics can perform a comprehensive evaluation of historical injury data to provide an accurate picture of where injuries are occurring so that actions can be taken to reverse undesirable trends.  Some examples of outcomes based on injury analysis include the prioritization of tasks for evaluation or the development of specialized training.  We will develop indicators that provide management with a periodic snapshot of a injury trends and data. We also will develop and analyze employee comfort surveys to pro-actively identify problem areas.

Injury Record Review Services
· Injury trending and analysis
· Indicator development
· Employee surveys

OSHA has published industry specific guidelines. The professionals at Apex Ergonomics can assess the current level of compliance to these guidelines and can assist in gap closure.

OHSA Guidelines
· Nursing Home Industry
· Grocery Industry (OSHA 3192)
· Poultry Processing (OSHA 3213-09N)
· Meat Packing (OSHA 3123)

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Many managers are often concerned with identifying leading indicators that demonstrate the health of safety and ergonomic programs and the likelihood of injuries in the future.  This leading indicator is Organization Safety Climate.

Organizational Safety Climate looks at aspects of the organization and safety program such as:

  • Management safety priority, commitment, and competence 
  • Management safety empowerment
  • Management safety justice
  • Workers safety commitment
  • Workers safety priority and risk non-acceptance
  • Safety communication learning and trust in co-worker safety competence
  • Workers trust in the efficacy of safety systems

Apex Ergonomics is uniquely experienced in the field of Organizational Safety climate and can assist with the evaluation of an organization's climate and developing a plan to improve each aspect of the climate to result in an improvement in leading injury indicators.

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A time analysis is conducted to determine the amount of time it takes individuals to perform tasks. Our thorough process includes understanding your requirements through onsite analysis. Data collection and data analysis allows us to breakdown each activity into blocks with specific starting and ending times to a fraction of a second. Things measured are often receive supplies, don and doff smock, don and doff gloves, Log-In and Log-Out Windows and other programs. Through statistical analysis of the data, our time studies are comprehensive and d

Apex Ergonomics professional are trained engineers and specialize in industrial and manufacturing engineering principles.  This enables effective communication with engineering and design teams to ensure that designs are optimized for the worker, the work area, and the work task.

Engineering Design Reviews
· Equipment Design Review
· Hand Tool Design
· Space Layout Optimization
· Work Flow Analysis
· Line Balancing
· Control Selection and Layout Optimization
· Human – Computer Interface review
· Lean Manufacturing
· Software Compatibility Review

· Quality Control Analysis


· Lean Manufacturing
· Six Sigma
· 5S / Waste Identification and Elimination
· Key Characteristic Identification and Management

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The optimization of manufacturing and service environments often focuses on evaluating boundary conditions and ensuring that those boundaries are optimized.  Our theory or constraints assessments help by evaluating contingencies to ensure that your manufacturing capacity is optimized and viable options for increasing capacity are determined and documented so that costs can be anticipated and cost savings can be realized. 

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